I’m shutting down this blog and moving to a new one.

After several years I’ve decided to shut this blog down for good.  It’s had its time in the sun.  I started it back in 2002 and there’s a lot of stuff here I’m proud of, some I’m not so proud of, and much I would delete if I were willing to put in the time.  Still, it is what it is and I’ll leave it here for posterity, but this blog is officially dead.

Those of you interested in reading what I do write in the future should check out the new blog I’m starting to take this one’s place.  It will serve much the same function this one did when I posted regularly – a place for me to share my thoughts on a number of topics that matter to me.  I am such a different man than the one that started this blog nine years ago and I believe it’s time to leave this blog in the past.

So go check it out, subscribe to its feed, bookmark it, or whatever else you do to read the stuff you want to read.

Goodnight, sweet exercise in narcissism.