Player hurts himself arguing with ump

I liked Milton Bradley as an Oakland Athletic.  He showed no real signs of the hot temper that has hurt him throughout his career.  He was a little injury prone but played well when he was on the field, and he gave us some memorable moments.  Once he was traded to the Padres, however, he let fly with lots of criticisms about the A's and my Milton love decreased.  Apparently yesterday he hurt himself arguing with the umpire.  This is funny because of Bradley's proclivity to get injured but also because he made this comment, after having to be repeatedly restrained from trying to attack the umpire (note the italicized portions):

"It's terrible. And now, because of him, my knee's hurt," said Bradley, a second-half catalyst for the Padres who was in his third game back from an injury that sidelined him for nearly two weeks. "If this costs me my season because of that, he needs to be reprimanded. I'm taking some action. I'm not going to stand pat and accept this because I didn't do nothing wrong."

Are you kidding me?  What's even stupider is that the Padres seem to be backing him up on this, blaming the umpires for goading him into blowing up.  Good to see personal responsibility is alive and well.


Fantasy Football

I generally enjoy Fantasy Football. As a competitive person I like finding different ways to compete, and as a football fan I like the way Fantasy Football gives me a stake in various games I otherwise would just have to enjoy because they're football. On this second Sunday of regular season football, however, I'm beginning to think Nate, Mikey, and Ben are better off for not being in a league. It's fun...but it makes it more difficult to just appreciate football for what it is. It increases my frustration and stress levels. So I think next year it might be wiser for me to opt out of Fantasy Football. Here I will say it publicly: Nate, you were right.


News Alert

In case you were wondering, which you probably weren't, and this is probably not exactly world-shattering news to you...but Panera Bread's coffee is terrible.  I'd rather have a Starbuck's brewed coffee than this colored water.  Blech.


So Many Weapons

calrun So Cal won their season opener last night, 45-31 against Tennessee.  Last year they were punked by the Vols in their opener but this year they got some retribution.  A win at home (this year) isn't as impressive as a win in Knoxville would've been, but it'll do.  I wasn't able to watch the game live but I listened to it on the radio and today I watched most of it on my DVR.  Cal sure was exciting to watch.  I think Tedford called too many little plays like screens and draws but overall they played really well and are exciting to watch.  DeSean Jackson was incredible as always, Justin Forsett looks to be quite able to fill in the hole left by Marshawn Lynch, the offensive line was usually dominant, Longshore led well, and the receiving corps is pretty strong.  If anything I'd say the defense was a bit sketchy and the Bears almost let the game slip away after being up by 17 in the 3rd Quarter...but it was a good win and I hope it's a sign of things to come.