just put up the 2nd post at my Better Communicating blog here, about assertiveness: http://ping.fm/M4fgd


Perdue Communication and Better Communicating.com

Yes it’s been a long time.  I appreciate those of you who do check in on my blog, and I haven’t completely abandoned it (despite evidence to the contrary).  I’ve taken up two new things that I wanted to pass along to you who already read some of what I write:

First, www.perduecommunication.com.  I am starting to do some freelance writing and communication consulting on the side, and that’s the site for it.  Any kind of writing you (or someone you know) needs done, I can do.  Website content, marketing materials, business materials, resumes/cover letters…I can also do coaching for public speaking engagements or job interviews.  Check out the site and pass it along.

Second, www.bettercommunicating.com.  This is a new blog I’m starting that will be based on communication.  In it I will talk about anything related to communication.  It will focus on getting better at communication, and discussing communication in various situations/venues.  On the job, in relationships, whatever.  So add that to your RSS feeder or check in on it regularly, and I’d be much obliged.  It might even do something for you too.