A couple quotes

One of the books I'm reading right now is Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life by David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, a book I have previously praised.  It's a collection of short thoughts that distill the truths from GTD.  I'm enjoying it so far and it's helping encourage me to do stuff. 

Today while the oil in my car was getting changed I came across a couple quotes I thought were awesome and I figured I'd share them with you.

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." - Thomas Edison

"Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon." - Susan Ertz

Good stuff.


It could always get worse

You know you've hit rock bottom when...


Well Cal, at least you aren't keeping our hopes up for the Rose Bowl anymore.  I still have faith in Tedford, but man this season has been disappointing.  Enjoy the Obscurity Bowl, Bears.


November is National Novel Writing Month

Also known as Nanowrimo for those in the know.  There's probably a fair amount of the population that would like to consider themselves writers but never get around to writing much of anything.  I would also probably be included in said group...the lack of regular posting around here seems to pretty obviously indicate that.  It's basically a fake deadline thing to encourage you to write 50,000 words in the month of November.  That would be almost 2,000 words a day.  And November has Thanksgiving in it.  I'm thinking of using the month to crank out some sort of creative writing endeavor.  Maybe you could too.


My Dad is Crazy



This is him jumping off the highest bungee platform in the world on the Macau Tower.  He did this yesterday, at the age of 52, while on a business trip in China.  He sure knows how to take advantage of his spare time.  Sweet mother.

Come on Bears

calsucks Cal went into yesterday's game against unranked Oregon State ranked number 2 in the nation.  LSU, the first place team, lost their game.  This meant that if Cal could beat their opponent they'd be number 1 in the nation, something that hasn't happened for a very long time.  Apparently once the news of LSU's loss was announced to the fans in Berkeley during the 3rd Quarter of Cal's game they cheered and began to chant "We're Number One!"  Clearly these fans in Berkeley have no idea what they're doing.  Cal lost of course.

Now they're #10, a few spots behind Oregon, who they beat last week.  As a Cal fan I had a sneaking suspicion they didn't deserve the #2 rank but they should be ahead of Oregon.  They beat Oregon at Oregon's stadium, and though they lost this week they had their backup QB in due to a Longshore injury.

Dreams of a National Championship bid were probably foolish anyway, but I had them ever so briefly.  It seems like yesterday Cal's only win of the season came against a then-crappy Rutgers.  It's great to just see them competing, though once I see my teams competing I want to see them actually win.  An outright terrible team isn't as frustrating as a team not living up to its potential.  If Cal wins out they can still make the Rose Bowl, so there's always hope for that. 



A few weeks ago at the Crossing we talked about Jonah.  I was encouraged to see so many kids there, and while it was difficult to get them to quiet down at times it was a good night overall.  We talked about how we split ourselves up into groups and some of the good and bad things about it.  In order to talk about this I decided to take the kids on a quick tour of Jonah and his story.

As a kid I remember being told the story of Jonah and the whale as an encouragement to have no fear and follow God whatever he would want me to do because He would make sure things went the way they should.  Those are good lessons to be sure, but they have little to do with the story of Jonah.

Jonah's reason for trying to run away from and disobey God's order to warn the Ninevites of their impending doom wasn't motivated by fear of failure or a sense of personal inadequacy.  Instead it was motivated by his hatred of the Ninevites.  He knew that God would forgive them if they repented and fled because he wanted them to die, not because he himself didn't want to die.  I think too often we (including me) don't actually try to see what a particular passage or story is about and instead put our own meaning on top of them.  How much of what God has said in Scripture is glossed over and misinterpreted because of our laziness?  And how many people do we prop up as heroes that don't belong there? 

Jonah was a bitter,  angry, hateful, racist man.  While some would say such adjectives accurately describe people who currently claim to follow God, paying attention to the story will show it's about God's mercy and forgiveness.  Even this so-called vengeful smite-happy Old Testament God was extending grace and mercy.  A careful reading of the Old and New Testaments will also show the assumed dichotomy between OT Vengeful/NT Loving doesn't exist.


It's been a year?!

IMG_6529 Today is Belle's first birthday.  Part of me thinks time has flown by, but there were also some nights that would never end and very long days in the past year.  A year ago at this very moment I was driving back to the hospital to see Janelle and Belle because I wasn't allowed to stay with them after Belle was born since Janelle had to share a room with another new mother.

Well I was going to type some sort of reflective post but it seems Belle has decided it is time to wake up so it's time to go.  Instead I will leave you with this incredibly cute picture of Belle with her cousin at the park, and suggest you head over to the flickr page to look at the latest batch I uploaded.  There are some pretty great ones in there.