i am a huge nerd

I've been waiting for a long time for this day - World of Warcraft is now available to the general public for retail release. After two stress tests and an Open Beta, I am really excited to play this game.

Most of you who read this don't play the game and therefore don't understand. It's okay, feel free to shake your head and cluck your tongues at me. I deserve it. I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow night to visit my Mom with some other family for Thanksgiving, so I've got to get as much game time in as I can today and tomorrow. Don't want to fall too far behind my buddies.

Anyway have a great Thanksgiving yourself, and I will answer the oustanding questions when I come back.


hawaii - it's official

Today I booked my ticket to fly to Hawaii on July 13th and return July 21st. I'll be heading out there for a family reunion with Janelle's family. Which is now also my family. I'm really excited about heading out there. Most I even paid for a plane ticket, but it wasn't bad. About a $100 price difference between buying it yesterday or today. Can't explain it, but oh well. I'm going to Hawaii. Nyah nyah.

answers to a few questions

A couple posts ago I asked for questions, a few have been given, so here's my shot at the answers.

From the father-in-law...
1. What is the best time to do each thing?

When you first figure out that it must be done and you have the opportunity to do it.

2. Who are the most important people to work with?
I'm not really positive but I'd say the people that you work best with, that will help you accomplish what it is you want/need to. Also right up there are people that you get along with and have fun working with, because it's not fun to be around jerks all day. Unless you yourself are a jerk or masochist and enjoy that sort of thing.

3. What is the most important thing to do at all times?
Give things to me, and ponder how one might give more things to me. Aside from that, I would say the most important thing to do is to seek God and pursue whatever it is He has for your life.

Now from Netters
1) why is brett favre so hot?? okay, i know you won't answer this so how about this: what will the score in the big game be??
58-0 Cal, having scored 4 Passing TD's, 2 Rushing TD's, 1 Defensive TD, and 1 Safety. Stanford will be pwnt.

2) what is your most embarassing moment?
I was pretty well embarrassed one time when I was riding my bike home from Jr. High. Right next to the school is an apartment complex, and everyone walks that way. I was riding my bike just in the street, and I went past the apartment driveway because there's no way a car in that driveway could/should leave - the traffic on the street was dense and they had no opening.

This did not prevent a woman behind the wheel of a family sedan from driving her car into the side of my bike. She hit my bike and I rolled off of it toward the traffic but got up. She was probably going like 5 mph. So now my bike is under her car and about a million students are looking at me. The woman continues to drive forward with my bike under her car. I tell her to stop and she does, perhaps finally coming out of her trance and joining the rest of the real world.

I got her to back up a little so I could get my heavily-damaged bike out from under her car, and amidst the jeers and shouts of my fellow students I rode away on my bike, whose handlebars I now had to hold sideways to get the bike to go straight. That was embarrassing.

3) describe your favorite dinner (more of a demand rather than a question...but you perform at my whim, SO DO IT!!)
I am not your circus monkey. However, my favorite dinner right now is the fried rice that Janelle makes me sometimes. Man it's so good. Aside from that I'd have to say the meal I had at Pappadeaux was good. I had shrimp wrapped with bacon and stuffed with cheese, on top of some dirty rice with some sort of butter sauce. This was after I downed cheesy bread with cheese fondue. So tasty.

That is all, the oracle has spoken.


of Jesus and giant hamburgers

Two things...

There's a movie coming out on 6-6-06 called "The Beast." Its purpose is to disprove Jesus as a historical person. It's the story of a high school girl who explores the evidence and realizes that Jesus was a big invention. It's a story of the courage she has to show to overcome her belief in something that clearly does not exist. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I do my best to read and analyze sources that disagree with me because I don't want to be fooling myself into believing something. That being said, as Greg Koukl has said, it's a sort of "bizarre" contention to argue that Jesus never existed considering its largely accepted by historians etc. that he was at the very least a historical person. But then again, maybe that's proof that the legend of Jesus was very well-crafted by some truly devious powermongers.

Second, Hardee's is releasing a 1400 calorie burger. Hoo-ah! I don't imagine myself eating one of those, especially considering we don' t have Hardee's here... But holy crap!


i got an idea

On my day (mostly) off here I was mindlessly trudging through the blogosphere and noticed something I wanted to do here. So here...

Anyone who reads this and cares to, ask me three questions. The number of the questioning shall be three. One, shalt thou not ask, two shalt thou not ask, unless of course you will then continue to three. Five is right out. Three questions, about whatever, be it me or my thoughts or some random fact you want me to research.

Just don't ask me why the 49ers suck so bad, cause I'll answer that for you right now: John York is a very very bad owner. There. Now you can ask me stuff.


panthers score 34 points after halftime

The 49ers looked good for the first half of the game, which I watched. I go to take a nap with a 17-3 lead. So now I hop on to check how badly the Niners beat the Panthers and find they blew up in the second half. Not the good kind of "blow up" that is sometimes used in sports, when a player goes off on a fantastic tear. No, it's the bad kind of "blow up" where they bear more resemblance to shreds and tatters than an actual team on the field. Man. Oh well, one step closer to that numero uno draft pick. But still, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


air america

Lately I've been turning into 960 AM, aka Air America Radio. It's a self-proclaimed progressive talk radio outlet. I can't get over the garbage that's spewed on there. For example, yesterday I was listening to "Morning Sedition" and these guys were getting out of control. They said that the Bush administration was taking a cynical approach to the war by waiting to go into Fallujah until the election was over so the negative political repercussions wouldn't matter.

Are you kidding? You can't win with these people.

Before Bush was criticized for not planning well enough. He was also criticized FOR Fallujah, being saying that it was an example of how we got into something we (or rather, Bush) can't handle. So he readies the troops, plans, and execute...and now he's being political with the troops? Fallujah is a success so far, the troops are owning the Fallujah insurgents.

These people need to release their hate and get a grip on reality. Last night I listened on the way home and they were talking about a number of conspiracy theories, advancing them as very real possibilities. Like, ridiculous things.

Talk radio is dumb. Really dumb. I sometimes listen to conservative radio too, and they don't seem as dumb right now. Probably because their candidate won, so they don't sound as bitter. Overall it's like I said before - most of these people just tow the party line and talk about how stupid/evil the other side is, and it's ridiculous.

Air America radio is bad bad bad. KSFO might be too, I don't know. But I do know Air America is full of people with enormous chips on their shoulders and an intense hatred for anything that doesn't agree with them. It's pretty amusing to hear such venom and hatred for differing opinions from people who preach tolerance. The self-righteousness flying around there is astounding.

Anyway they bug me so I wanted to vent a little. You shouldn't listen to that station and take what they say seriously. They're like Rush Limbaugh, only they make sense even less.

Also I will be leaving in a couple hours for the weekend, and will be back Sunday. Hope your Veterans' Day weekends are great.


chained to ideology

One thing that I have found particularly distasteful lately in politics is the amount of demagoguery that goes on coming from "both" sides of the political scene. In America it seems to have taken the shape of "people who hate Bush" and "people who love Bush."

People take positions that are ludicrous because they are chained to their ideologies (liberal/conservative) or their political parties. Or perhaps they are just chained to the idea that they are so right and everyone else is so wrong. That's another conversation, though.

I think that people need to start having more intelligent conversations about issues and events rather than have mudslinging contests where they pretend they are intellectual and politically aware by parroting the party line from both sides. People who spew out anti-Bush or anti-war rhetoric are often just as guilty as those who condemn people who question what is going on.

The state of political discourse in this nation sucks - it's like we're living in one huge episode of Crossfire or Hannity & Colmes where you want to tell everyone to just shut up and listen to what's being said. People can't seem to form opinions based on anything but hatred of someone else based on a straw man of their beliefs or opinions. They tow the party line, bury intellectual integrity and honesty, and argue as hard as they can in order to prove the other person (1) wrong, or (2) stupid.

The end result is a political and intellectual climate where it is nearly impossible to have any sort of discussion without it degenerating into a shouting match or a fight of some sort. We need to get back to talking about issues in an honest way, and really looking at the facts and the people involved.

Demonizing people, ideas, and groups is an easy thing to do these days, and it is passing for debate when in fact it is an exercise in narcisissm. By chaining yourself to an ideology, party, or opposition to one thing or another, and by doing nothing but spewing out what the machine gives you (or the "anti-machine machine") then you do nothing to advance mankind or your own personal development. You build a fantasy land in which everyone other than those who agree with you are both simple-minded morons and evil masterminds. You become unable to hold any sort of intelligent discourse and can do nothing but bark and growl like an angry dog and do the tricks your side has taught you.

This kind of "debate" is the kind most commonly found in our nation today - and it does nothing but hurt us.



I was recently made aware of a website called myspace.com. I am apparently out of the loop. All sorts of my friends who had no interest in the intarweb are now incredibly active because of this thing. In order to better keep in touch with some of them whom I have been out of touch with for longer than I should, I put up a profile and started a my own little space there. If you're on that thing and you want to add me go ahead and check out my profile here.

In other news I want to post here more. I kinda miss it, and my audience, they need me.

I've recently been involved in a number of discussions online about things like morality and faith and politics and they have somewhat rekindled my desire to be able to post long diatribes. So maybe some of that. But anyway - you all take care now.

And I'm trying to get a new commenting system to work, so if you could let me know how that's going, I'd appreciate it. I just got some posts that were put in by Andy back in the middle of October. That does not sit well with me, so I'm using Haloscan again. Say hi and come around a little more often.