hudson vs. mulder

Right now Tim Hudson is starting for the Braves against Mark Mulder for the Cardinals. It simulataneously sickens and interests me. Should be a great game. I want to see them try to hit the ball. Seeing those two guys in other uniforms makes me sad, though.


article on rick warren

Rick Warren is the recipient of much dissing from many within Christianity today. I just read a good blog post on him. You should read it too.


a's game three

Today I went to an A's game with Ricky. It was the third home game I've attended - and Kirk Saarloos started all three of those games. I'm looking forward to seeing a different starter sometime soon.

The game was good. A's won 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth - very exciting. I also saw a few things I hadn't seen before.

  • Manager comes out of the dugout and argues with umpire, is ejected from game.

  • Player tries to pick a fight with an umpire, is ejected.

  • Angry middle aged man with glasses shouts down a dozen gangsta cholos because they are using bad language in front of his daughter. This man showed no fear.

  • Dude runs onto the field and is dragged down by his jacket in spectacular fashion.

  • Jermaine Dye played shortstop.

Okay that's enough. It was a fun game, had a good time. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot - Ricky and I got free tickets while we were standing in line to buy ours. Some guy had a bunch of tickets in the 228 section (better seating than we were planning on purchasing) and some people didn't show up. So he gave us our tickets. Score!


joel osteen

Recently I preached a message at Crossroads wherein I "called out" a number of people who are ostensibly Bible teachers. I was in the midst of telling people that they have to think for themselves; they have to test everything they hear a preacher or teacher say against what the Bible says. Just because somebody's holding a Bible it doesn't mean what they say is authoritative. Just because they quote the Bible doesn't mean they're using it right. So I mentioned a few names - Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, and Benny Hinn. Now I don't think it would take much convincing to show people that Benny Hinn is cracked out. There are a number of people at CR that do listen to Osteen and Meyer; I'm not sure about Creflo Dollar but I think there are a few that do.

Anyway there was a bit of rumbling after I mentioned those names - people thinking that I was overstepping my bounds and being judgmental in calling someone out. I wrote up the following thing on Joel Osteen, which you may want to read if you're so inclined. These are some of the problems I have with what he teaches. Link here.


ninja in the news

This is really funny. Follow the link and watch the news report on the elderly woman getting evicted. Obviously the funny part isn't the poor woman...keep your eyes peeled at the beginning and end of the piece, in the background behind the field reporter.


keirsey personality type

For those of you who don't know, I'm an ENFJ. The test says I'm "slightly" extraverted and "slightly" feeling (rather than thinking). I'm pretty clearly Intuitive perception-wise, and it gave me a "moderate" leaning toward Judging rather than Perceiving. That's probably right - I suppose I am extroverted, but not by much.



I'm not sure why I subject myself to being a sports fan. Having an emotional investment in something as dumb as a game I'm not even playing is, when you think about it, a pretty ridiculous thing. Maybe those of you who are apathetic regarding sports are thinking I'm seeing the light. Rest assured I'm not - I will be until I die inexplicably cheered or depressed by the performance of others on a football field or baseball diamond.

Some things just never change with the A's. They never seem to be able to score runs in clutch time. Tonight they had ample opportunities to win the game against the Mariners, but threw it away. Defensively and offensively, they did just well enough to make it a really disappointing loss. So I say, argh!

Maybe I'll jump on the White Sox bandwagon this year, so I have two teams I can root for. One of my best friends lives in Chicago and is a huge Sox fan - so maybe I can lay claim to them that way. Plus they have Jermaine Dye, late of the A's. That must be why they're 10-4 right now.


this movie looks awesome

A new movie coming out, called "The Kingdom of Heaven," just came to my attention. It looks totally awesome. I must see it on May 6th.

Click here and see


yahoo news is funny

I read a headline:

"Gamblers bet new pope will be old, european"

I thought I was reading an Onion headline or something. Good stuff.

People are betting on who the new pope will be. Something seems wrong about that.



biola university day-long emergent conversation

Biola University, in SoCal, is hosting a conversation between "emergent" church leaders and others. It might prove to be interesting. I'm thinking I might want to go down to it - it's all day on a Friday, May 13th. If you might also be interested in attending, let me know and maybe we can ride down together or something.


some good thoughts on the emergent church

A guy from the "inside" of the emerging church movement expresses some amusing and good thoughts about it.



baseball season has begun

I am really, really stoked. I missed baseball this offseason - even though the A's prospects might not be as hot as they've been the past few years, I am really excited for the season. Baseball rules. Recognize.

i will be 25 this year

That's weird.