Teaching is fun

Over the summer I’ve continued taking classes for my teaching credential, looked for a teaching job, and taught a six-week theology class at Crossroads (last night was the last session).  In all of this my love of teaching has been further cemented.  Well, all of it except “looking for a teaching job.”  That part has been decidedly lacking in fun and excitement.

The class I’m taking right now is the best one yet in my credential program.  It has been about teaching itself, collaboration, and planning out lessons/units with goals in mind.  I think it takes a particular kind of person to get excited about planning out a teaching unit, and I am that person.  Sitting in front of a sheet of paper planning out what to teach, how to teach it, and so on, is really fun for me. 

Teaching itself is awesome too.  I loved teaching the theology class these past six weeks.  I learned more about myself as a teacher, about the class, and about how to sharpen it further.  I enjoy the give-and-take of the teaching environment and truly believe I was made to teach.  The fact that one of the people in the class gave me a Peet’s card is icing on the cake.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m currently waiting on hearing about getting a position back at Washington.  Essentially the job has to make it to August 15th without anybody wanting to transfer into it that’s already a teacher.  Once it gets past that point the chances of me getting the job skyrocket.  It would be too perfect, because I’d have a paid teaching job for the year teaching something I love, at a school I love with a great department, and at the end of the year I’d have my credential so I should keep the job.  That would rule.