take home midterms

My Survey of Christianity to 1517 class has a partial take home midterm. I took the in-class portion this past Monday and think I did alright. Then I have this take home portion, which consist of two essay questions, that I have to do. I think I'd rather just have to write essays in class - I studied enough to be able to do so, and I hate having to sit here and write something for a test I feel I already took. Plus I'm finding it exceedingly difficult to concentrate today. And I'm out of Nog. Argh!



I just had my first taste of the season of Egg Nog, one of the most wonderful drinks ever created by our Good and Faithful Lord. Tis the season, my friends. Tis the season.


bill king is dead

Bill King has been the Oakland A's radio announcer since 1981, I believe. His trademark "Holy Toledo!" will be remembered by Bay Area sports fans for years to come. I really enjoyed listening to him - he really had a way of making the game exciting over the radio. He also seemed to have a good story or anecdote for those lulls in the action.

You'll be missed, Mr. King.




I stayed up too late last night watching Battlestar Galactica episodes...and now I have to go to the gym with Ricky all tired and stuff. Argh.