Bears vs. Colts in da Supabowl

Today the Bears and Colts both won to advance to Super Bowl XLI.  Up until the Colts managed an awesome comeback every single team I decided to root for this postseason lost.  I was thinking I'd be subjected to a Bears-Patriots Superbowl when the Colts were down 21-3.  I have to say Peyton Manning got the monkey off his back in dramatic fashion.  He did a great job leading the Colts to a comeback victory.  I say congratulations to Peyton, and I was quite happy to see the Patriots lose.  They've won 3 of the last 5, they don't need any more.  I am now rooting for the Colts to win it all.  I really think they can take the Bears.  Apparently they're 7-point favorites in the early lines.  We'll have two weeks to listen to the hype. 

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Mikey G says... I used to hate Peyton Manning and feel he deserved to lose (because he lost). But now that he has won I feel that he has long deserved to win. Most certainly he deserves to win against Rex Grossman... but we will see what the Dear's Defense has to say about that (they also richly deserve a Superbowl Ring). I would put my money on nearly any AFC team against nearly any NFC team in the Superbowl. Go Colts.

note: it is "Go Colts." and not "Go Colts!" I would have said "Go Saints!" or "Go Eagles!" though I have already said any NFC team could beat them in the Superbowl (even the Raiders) but I would truly be rooting for them. Unlike the Colts who merely deserve to win.