Salang Pass Restaurant

Sunday night Janelle and I went out for dinner and a date. As we were driving away, leaving Belle in my Dad's capable hands, I realized it was only the second time since Belle had been born that we had some time in the evening with just the two of us. It was nice. We went to the Salang Pass restaurant, an Afghan place in Little Kabul (Centerville area on Fremont Blvd, for those of you not in the know). There's nothing to distinguish it from its surroundings - in fact, even looking for it we drove past it one time. It was a great dining experience, though.

Most of you who know me know that I am a somewhat finicky eater. I enjoy some non-standard things but in most cases I have a pretty particular white-boy palate. I generally don't like weird stuff. I'd been to an Afghan restaurant once and was a little put off by it but heard lots of good things about Salang Pass so I decided to give it a whirl. Any of you looking for a place to go eat that isn't like the usual chain stuff, check out Salang Pass. We ordered Bolani (thin bread with potatoes and leeks and some good spices inside), Borani (pumpkin with spices, really really good) and Mantoo (sounds like a Star Wars planet but is actually some kind of ground beef and pasta dish - I was less fond of this because of the yogurt sauce). I'm looking forward to heading back there to try out some of the other stuff like the Tandoori chicken and some of the curries.

They have a cool seating area where you sit low to the ground, on pillows and stuff - that's where we sat and it was a neat little change. Anyway, check it out. We are in Fremont, we have a lot of internationals and legitimate ethnic cuisine; may as well take advantage.


Ricky said...

I like to pretend that this post stops after the first sentence.

Jackson said...

I like to pretend your face stops after the first sentence.

Ricky said...

I'm just saying, it's a lot funnier if you pretend that Janelle went out for dinner and a date without you. That's how you made it sound Jackson. Don't place your anger at me. I'm not the cause. Those were your words Jackson, YOUR words. Did I login and create that post? No. You did. It's not my fault you have the grammar skills of a 4 year old. You're a real jerk you know that? In fact, I'm boycotting your blog until you go back and fix ALL of the grammar and spelling errors that have polluted your blog from it's inception. You should be ashamed of yourself not only because your blog is single handedly making those who read it dumber, but also because you go around 1-upping everyone by mentioning your a substitute teacher every chance you get. Wow. I can't even stand the thought of you right now. Not cool man. NOT COOL.

Ricky said...

it just occurred to me that you may not have even realized after my first comment that your first sentence is missing the phrase "and I". THAT'S why it's funny. "Janelle went out to dinner and a date..." K? Are we clear now?

My long comment still stands. You're still a jerk. And I hate it when I say "Hey Jackson how's it goin buddy?" and you say "Life as a substitute teacher isn't bad Ricky Borba!!"


Jackson said...

Heh, I didn't even realize the typo.