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Screaming Paris Hilton sent back to jail - Yahoo! News

Paris Hilton got a DUI a while ago and was placed on 36 months of probation and had her license suspended.  After being pulled over twice while driving with a suspended license she was sentenced to 43 days in jail.  After spending 3 days in jail she had a doctor come and say she has a condition that prevents her from being in jail, so the Sheriff sent her home to serve the rest of her sentence under house arrest.  Today she was sent back to jail, crying and screaming about how it isn't fair.

It appears to me that the psychological condition she may or may not have was brought on more by a privileged upbringing than anything else.  Her life has been incredibly different than the lives of 99.9% of the rest of us.  It's not her fault she was born into it and it's quite likely she's been surrounded by people pampering her and telling her that the rules don't apply to her.  It's no surprise that she'd then react this way when she's shown that the rules do apply to her.  I also think of Lindsey Lohan.  After her latest problems her mother appears to be trying to make money from the whole thing and her dad is passing her messages through the press.  It's popular to hate on these privileged people who come off as completely self-absorbed, narcissistic, ignorant and entitled - but the more I see this stuff the more I kind of feel sorry for them.  They are a testament to the emptiness of money and fame and beauty if they aren't accompanied by a real point to being alive.  And I hate to blame the parents...but I blame the parents.  And society, and the press, and the system.  I really wish I could see what will be written about this time period in history books 100 years from now.


Jesse and Melissa said...

I've seen jails and trust me they are not pretty even the nicest ones. But I'm glad she's going to jail so she can realize how easy she has it (material wise, mostly). I think it is a great shock to her going to one extreme to the other. This whole thing is very funny though, I thrive on celebrity gossip.


Max Critchfield said...

word - I just wrote some of thoughts on this too.

Anonymous said...

Mikey G says...
Hilton told Barbara Walters that she realized that she had been acting stupid because she thought it was cute but now she realized it wasn't cute at all.... and being in jail it was like being in a cage.