Not what you want to happen before bed

Something terrible happened last night as Janelle and I prepared for bed.  I could hear Janelle squeak with fear in the bedroom and I knew she'd spotted a spider.  I went in to check it out and there was in fact a quite large, healthy-looking spider directly above our bed, sitting there in the corner of the ceiling.  Our bed's headboard is up against the wall, and the spider was right above it, centered quite nicely between our pillows. 

Because this was a particularly large spider I went and got two paper towels to kill it.  With my fear level on the rise I knew I had to act fast or I'd end up staring at the spider and getting all worked up.  So as I approached the bedroom I picked up speed, stepped straight up onto the bed and went right for the spider with the paper towels.  Then the unthinkable happened.

As if anticipating my strike, the spider detached himself from the ceiling and dropped down onto our bed.  After the requisite jumping away and shrieking we set about trying to find out just where this very large spider ended up.  After about ten minutes of shaking out our bedding and looking all around we realized that we were not going to find the spider.  So we had to go to bed, knowing there was a big spider somewhere very close.  Man that sucked.


Frances said...

ewww! one time i tried to smash a spider and just as i reached it with the tissue, i jumped up onto my hand! similarly, i couldn't locate that spider after i spend a minute trying to make sure i completely shook it off!

Mr. Perdue said...

In your spare time (haha!) you need to practice your spider dispatching skills with a rubber band.
Much more fun (but keep the paper towels at the ready) and be ready to clean up the mess. Wipe off the wall (splat!!!), and pick up the pieces.
It's worse if it's a Mom, carrying her babies.
Still, practice with the rubber band.
Works as well with flies.
Much more Manly.
Fine figure of a man...

Anonymous said...

Mikey G says...
our place is a breeding ground for spiders. I am pretty sure I kill seven spiders a week. It is an old hat now.

Jackson said...

Yeah, when we first moved in Janelle and I were killing spiders left and right. It's a more rare occurrence now, but it is pretty regular.

It was just unsettling to have that particular experience, above the freaking bed, right before bed. I shudder to think of it now. Yech.