It's been a year?!

IMG_6529 Today is Belle's first birthday.  Part of me thinks time has flown by, but there were also some nights that would never end and very long days in the past year.  A year ago at this very moment I was driving back to the hospital to see Janelle and Belle because I wasn't allowed to stay with them after Belle was born since Janelle had to share a room with another new mother.

Well I was going to type some sort of reflective post but it seems Belle has decided it is time to wake up so it's time to go.  Instead I will leave you with this incredibly cute picture of Belle with her cousin at the park, and suggest you head over to the flickr page to look at the latest batch I uploaded.  There are some pretty great ones in there.


jperdue said...

Happy Birthday Belle!
And Happy Labor Day, Janelle!
And Happy 1st Anniversary of being a Dad, Jackson.

brian c. berry said...

congrats Jackson. Enjoy fatherhood. Trust me. It doesn't slow down much. happy b-day Belle!!!