Come on Bears

calsucks Cal went into yesterday's game against unranked Oregon State ranked number 2 in the nation.  LSU, the first place team, lost their game.  This meant that if Cal could beat their opponent they'd be number 1 in the nation, something that hasn't happened for a very long time.  Apparently once the news of LSU's loss was announced to the fans in Berkeley during the 3rd Quarter of Cal's game they cheered and began to chant "We're Number One!"  Clearly these fans in Berkeley have no idea what they're doing.  Cal lost of course.

Now they're #10, a few spots behind Oregon, who they beat last week.  As a Cal fan I had a sneaking suspicion they didn't deserve the #2 rank but they should be ahead of Oregon.  They beat Oregon at Oregon's stadium, and though they lost this week they had their backup QB in due to a Longshore injury.

Dreams of a National Championship bid were probably foolish anyway, but I had them ever so briefly.  It seems like yesterday Cal's only win of the season came against a then-crappy Rutgers.  It's great to just see them competing, though once I see my teams competing I want to see them actually win.  An outright terrible team isn't as frustrating as a team not living up to its potential.  If Cal wins out they can still make the Rose Bowl, so there's always hope for that. 


Jeannette said...

there's nothing more disappointing than being a cal fan. it's a way of life, my friend.

boohooohooohoooooo. :*(

Max Critchfield said...

I'm with you Jackson - the end of that game was a heartbreaker, but the Rose Bowl would still be rad.