So Many Weapons

calrun So Cal won their season opener last night, 45-31 against Tennessee.  Last year they were punked by the Vols in their opener but this year they got some retribution.  A win at home (this year) isn't as impressive as a win in Knoxville would've been, but it'll do.  I wasn't able to watch the game live but I listened to it on the radio and today I watched most of it on my DVR.  Cal sure was exciting to watch.  I think Tedford called too many little plays like screens and draws but overall they played really well and are exciting to watch.  DeSean Jackson was incredible as always, Justin Forsett looks to be quite able to fill in the hole left by Marshawn Lynch, the offensive line was usually dominant, Longshore led well, and the receiving corps is pretty strong.  If anything I'd say the defense was a bit sketchy and the Bears almost let the game slip away after being up by 17 in the 3rd Quarter...but it was a good win and I hope it's a sign of things to come.

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