Fantasy Football

I generally enjoy Fantasy Football. As a competitive person I like finding different ways to compete, and as a football fan I like the way Fantasy Football gives me a stake in various games I otherwise would just have to enjoy because they're football. On this second Sunday of regular season football, however, I'm beginning to think Nate, Mikey, and Ben are better off for not being in a league. It's fun...but it makes it more difficult to just appreciate football for what it is. It increases my frustration and stress levels. So I think next year it might be wiser for me to opt out of Fantasy Football. Here I will say it publicly: Nate, you were right.


Ricky said...
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Ricky said...

Seems to me you get a little crazy during football season Jackson. So I'm not going to worry about your latest post anymore. These are your own words...

"Dude! Freaking Niners. They were leading by 11 until I started to watch the game. I actually found myself talking to the television set. Like, not just screaming during big plays or whatever, but actually talking to it. Say Terrell Owens drops a ball - which he did in at least two clutch times today. I spend the next thirty seconds muttering under my breath. "Hey Owens, how about you shut your mouth and catch the ball? That okay with you? Because until you stop letting the ball bounce off your numbers I think you should keep your mouth shut. Yeah, thanks." Stuff like that. One by one the football games steal my sanity. "

Jeannette said...

oh, oh, i want to know who you have on your team!! gimme names!!

and, i'm totally offended by that first comment.

*rolls eyes*

Ricky said...

Offending people. That's what I'm here for.

Anonymous said...

Mikey G says... I screamed and jumped around and kissed Jacob on the cheek when Janikowski made the first kick and I believed we beat the Broncos. And then it was doom gloom and defeat. The one shining moment was that the headlines said "Broncos Steal Win from Raiders." That is moving forward. But the point is getting upset about football is fun.
I could never be offended by Ricky.

Ricky said...

Is that a challenge Mikey?

Jackson said...

While I wasn't offended by the first comment, since some youth group kids (and parents) know about this page I thought the wise thing to do was remove it.

That being said...that post had to have been from years ago. And I do get crazy during football season anyway...but only for one team. Fantasy Football make me crazy during every game.

Netters - my team consists of

Matt Schaub
Jay Cutler
Andre Johnson (cry)
Kevin Curtis
Marques Colston
Vincent Jackson
Jacoby Jones (b/c of Johnson's injury)
Owen Daniels
Frank Gore (huzzah)
LaMont Jordan
DeShaun Jackson
Brandon Jacobs (cry)
David Akers
Denver's Defense
The end.

Jeannette said...

MARSHAWN in all caps ftw. i wore his jersey yesterday...horray!!

fun picks, yo. i know if i played i'd be super obsessed. you'll have to let me know how you can handle that and real life at the same time. :)

Lois said...

Well written article.