this is your life

This is your life. What are you doing with it?

All of a sudden this obnoxious little brother who runs into his sophomore big sister's room to turn off her stereo is the uncle of a high school sophomore trying to convince her boys are evil.

All of a sudden this kid learning how to dance form his mom because he got invited to his first boy/girl party in 5th grade is warning his 5th grade nephew to beware of girls.

All of a sudden this dorky Jr. High kid who brought his video game manuals to school and lived for his Super Nintendo is encouraging Jr. High kids to love Jesus and do the right thing.

All of a sudden this child who can't stand it when his Dad wants to stop at historical landmarks can't wait to expose his own kids to the joys of a vacation based on stopping at historical landmarks.

All of a sudden this incredibly depressed and lonely High School Freshman is struggling to think of ways to console a sobbing High School Freshman who was just dumped by his girlfriend.

All of a sudden this kid who wanted to be a published author before he left high school is approaching 30 struggling to figure out what he should write.

All of a sudden this Sophomore convinced of his genius and wearing shirts quoting Shakespeare plays he's never read is wishing Sophomores would get a grip on themselves.

All of a sudden this Junior scared to drive his Dad's stick shift truck in the deserted parts of town is buckling his daughter into her carseat in his station wagon.

All of a sudden this High School Senior wondering if he was raised believing in a fairy tale is talking to High School seniors about making sure they don't wake up one day believing in a fairy tale.

All of a sudden this college guy surveying every room he enters for his future wife while wondering if any woman could ever love him is married to a woman better than he ever could have imagined.

All of a sudden this overweight college sophomore eager to lose weight before his metabolism slows down is an overweight graduate student wondering if it's too late.

All of a sudden a newly learned instrument becomes a neglected hobby.

All of a sudden a reconnection with a friend becomes just another lost connection with a friend.

All of a sudden an exciting new restaurant becomes just another on a long list of places you'd rather not eat at again.

All of a sudden potential becomes wasted opportunity.

All of a sudden strangers become friends you don't hang out with enough anymore.

All of a sudden a wasted hour becomes a wasted day.

All of a sudden "one of these days I'm gonna" becomes "why did I never do that?"

All of a sudden "I don't want to call my Dad today" will become "I wish I could call my Dad today."

All of a sudden, stuff happens.

All of a sudden a blog post you think should be brilliant becomes a bloated, meandering mess.

These are our lives. What are we doing with them?

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