back in the sub seat again

Last week I got a letter in the mail from the school district informing me that due to my lack of subbing I would be terminated.  Being someone who greatly enjoys making money for very little actual work, this spurred me into action.  It's tough in the mornings with Belle - subbing basically means more pressure is put on Janelle to get Belle ready and to the babysitter (grandma) before she has to get to work.  But now that Belle is 7 months old we're a little more in the swing of things and so I figured I'd do some subbing before the end of the school year and hope it's enough to keep me on the rolls for the future. 

So right now I'm sitting in a Spanish class at Washington High.  That's the glory of subbing - you can know next to nothing about the subject and do just about nothing and still make money.  Some days you do earn that money and are just about ready to jump out of a window by the end...but I've found that most of the time it's no sweat.

In fact just now, observing me, a student said to her peers: "Man, being a sub is like the easiest job in the world.  It's like babysitting."

Word.  Here's to a college education.


Matt Kanninen said...

Ques dices en espanol to los estudiantes?

Jackson said...

Nope. You don't have to know crap to be a sub - not even the subject you're subbing for.