i feel dirty

Today I'm subbing at Mission San Jose High School and my job today is to show videos to my classes.  Two classes will watch Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 and the rest will watch Bowling for Columbine.  These "documentaries" are little more than lame propaganda.  The students are watching them and taking it all in.  They say the teacher is having them watch it to learn about good documentaries. 

Before starting the DVD I told the kids they need to think for themselves and not just believe whatever they see or hear or read.  It made me feel a little better but I'm not really sure they're going to take it to heart.  It's much more likely they'll hear Michael Moore's idiocy and take that to heart.  We need to train our kids how to think, not just tell them what to think.  That's not happening here.


Ricky said...

are you really that surprised that a school in the bay area is making their students watch liberal trash? i hate that that's my alma mater though.

Jackson said...

The fact that it's "liberal" isn't really the problem from my perspective. The problem is that it's intellectually dishonest, manipulative, purposefully misrepresentative, alarmist, pointless crap.

If you're not helping kids wade through the garbage information they get (which is the majority of information) then you're not really interested in education them. You're interested in indoctrinating them into your way of "thought." And I think that sucks. Our society desperately needs people that can sort through information, not people who just take garbage in without thinking about it.

Even garbage I agree with is garbage, ya know?