a quick update

Janelle and I are still waiting for Belle to be born. The due date was yesterday, so it could be anytime now. I can't imagine how tough it'd be to be pregnant for nine plus months. Janelle's a trooper though and is still a lot of fun to be around, which is good for me. With each passing day I get more excited about being a dad. I am not looking forward to the diaper changing thing but I am looking forward to having a little girl I can take to A's games and the park and stupid pumpkin patch things that held absolutely no appeal to me until this whole child thing came up.

Speaking of the A's, I am proud of them for clinching and am much more optimistic this year regarding their postseason fate. I think they may actually make it past the first round of the playoffs. Of course this optimism is against my better judgment and my general policy of not getting my hopes up, but I can't quite help it. At least this year I'll have a baby to distract me from any chokage, whereas if the A's wind up winning it all I will have a baby to make it all the sweeter. And it will also mean she is responsible for them winning - a standard I will hold her to for the rest of her life, and any further A's failures will rest squarely on her shoulders. It's the only right thing to do.

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