brewing coffee

At some point in the last year or so I seem to have lost my ability to brew a pot of coffee that doesn't taste like garbage. I'm not the kind of person that always pays attention to details, like how good the coffee tasted when I used x amount of beans and x amount of water. This morning I decided that I will no longer be content with wasting the precious precious beans we pay good money to purchase so I'm going to start tracking how the coffee tastes when I use certain amounts of grounds/water until I find a good mix. I am going to do this at least partially here because it's a place I know I can check and I won't lose it.

So this morning:
Water: Filtered, 4.5 cups
Beans: Medium/fine grind, 13ish flat tablespoons

The coffee tastes way better than usual (I actually measured according to the instructions on the bag of beans). I used a little bit of the Coconut Creme Creamer from Coffeemate and it's pretty good. The coffee isn't blonde, it's more brown than tan. Still room for improvement but it's much better than it has been lately. Wow, reading the instructions really can work.

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