a day off

Lately I've been feeling a bit drained. Throughout the summer I worked full-time with the Crossing and while that was a lot of fun and exactly what I wanted to be doing with my time, I didn't ever get away for even a few days of vacation. I didn't really recharge after school/finals ended and went right into the summer with the Mexico trip and then keep on rolling. Before I knew it summer was over and school had started up again. And I have very little in the way of emotional energy. Little tasks have seemed like monumental undertakings and while I am mentally excited about various things I'm finding it difficult to summon the mental and emotional energy it takes to actually do them. In order to combat this I am trying to pay more attention to what I eat and exercise more regularly (I am very sore because of this), and I also took today off. There are some things I needed to get done but I wrote them off in order to spend time with Janelle, relax, continue my Madden 07 49ers' romp through the NFL, and finish the day by watching the A's take on the White Sox. I'm hoping these various diversions will help restore some of my missing energy and help me to take on the many things in front of me with passion and energy instead of just slugglishly enduring my life.

Also, various signs seem to indicate Janelle will be entering labor soon. Of course you never know but it looks like she may not make it all the way to her due date of the 28th. The fact that at any moment she could begin labor and a baby pop out is very frightening. Each day could be my last without a child to take care of. It's kinda weird. But also exciting.

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