the end of thanksgiving

Last Wednesday we headed out to Las Vegas to visit my Mom and have Thanksgiving there. It was a good time, I ended up winning $140 at the craps tables, and Janelle won $65. When it comes to potentially blowing and wasting your money, you can't have much more fun than playing craps. I will never understand the appeal of slot machines.

All told on the trip I drove over 1200 miles. That's a lot of driving. I hope we can find some affordable plane tickets next year or something.

This Wednesday morning Janelle and I are flying out to Chicago and we'll be there till Monday. After this, my traveling for the holiday season should be over. I feel like it's been (and will be) forever since I've been neck-deep in the youth group. I'm excited to come back at it with renewed energy when I get back from Chi-town with a belly full of Italian Beef sengwiches. Ahh yeeah.

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