bush as a liar

There has been a lot of talk lately, and Bush has been firing back and forth with critics, about his being a liar. People love to call G-Dubb a liar and say he tricked everyone into fighting this war in Iraq. This is amazing to me.

A few years ago everybody agreed that Saddam had WMD's in the political and the intelligence communities. Everybody, Democrat and Republican, back to Bill Clinton, acknowledged Saddam as a threat at believed he had WMDs. So now that we've invaded and no WMD caches have been found, Bush is branded a liar and a cheat. If Bush is a liar, then the Democrats chastising him and whoever else is condemning him now but previously agreed is a liar. They were all saying the same thing a few years ago.

Unfortunately I believe Bush is so unpopular that this re-writing of history will not be turned around. Too many people are convinced he's a liar and will never see past their ideological hatred of him to the truth. But they will continue to rage against the machine in their blogs and on their radio shows and in their chats with other friends. And probably in the voting booth. The sad truth is, it doesn't matter if something is real or not - if people believe it to be real it is very real in its consequences. So Bush will pay the price for the mistake everybody made, and all the while people will be chanting "Death to Bush-Hitler" while they buy into more groupthink. Never before have I seen the whole "if you say something enough you start to believe it's true" work so completely.

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