niners win 28-25

So as of Week 1, the 49ers have now equalled half their win total from all of last season. I've gotta say my hopes are higher for 2005. The Niners were actually fun to watch, and Nolan had them doing some crazy stuff, like surprise onside kicks, Rattay lining up at Wide Receiver, etc. This game wasn't perfect, and if it weren't for that burst in the 2nd Quarter the 49ers wouldn't have won. The Niner Offense was fairly poor later in the game, and the defense, while they played great, were simply on the field too long and started to fade at the end. Without that interception at the end I'm not sure they would've held on for the win. But...there's no team I'd rather whup on for the first game of the season than the Rams. Those nancy boys still were talking trash after they lost. Torry Holt said "it goes to show you that the best team doesn't always win." Man, I hope the Rams get crushed in their own domicile by the Niners later in the year. Punks.

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