the joy of grilling

Kabobs on Grill
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For some reason, the camping trip last weekend made me want to use my Weber grill more. I haven't used it more than a few times, and not at all since I've been married. This past weekend I just cooked up some dogs and burgers, and it awakened something in me.

I remembered I had this quality grill at home and that I hadn't used it much. So I decided when I got home that I wanted to use it. I subbed Tuesday and spent some time checking out online grilling sites and all the accessories I could get for my grill.

Tuesday night we had some friends over and Janelle and I made chicken kabobs. I got some cool stuff for my grill, like a thing that hangs on the side to hold tools, a vinyl cover to keep it from getting all nasty outside, a new wire brush to clean the grill, and a bbq mitt to protect my delicate hands from the ravaging heat. I had a lot of fun.

I think I am going to start grilling more. I want to grill with my kids and hang out with them outside and stuff. So, yeah.

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