coldplay - x and y

So Coldplay's new album came out this week, and thanks to Napster To Go I legally downloaded it and all that.

Right now I'm on my second listen-through, and I'm not really that impressed. "Speed of Sound" is a great song...but many of them just seem to run together. Plus a lot of them are depressing songs about how "you don't want me in your life" and other such stuff. Maybe I need to give them more of a chance...but I'm pretty unimpressed.

Also, today I had a physical. It was weird. I also got two shots. The lady laughed at me and told me she could tell I didn't get shots often. I'm sure it was because of the absolute lack of fear I showed when confronted with the needles. She probably assumed since I didn't so much as bat an eye I didn't know what was going to happen. I'm hardcore.

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