ray vanderlaan

This guy spoke yesterday at the conference, but I was unable to post up anything with relation to what he said. I wanted to mention a few of the things he mentioned. This guy was like a total expert on Jewish culture and history and all that stuff. That's something I'm really interested in learning more about, considering the fact that the Bible comes out of a Jewish tradition.

Ray talked a lot about how being the disciple of a rabbi was (and is) a huge deal. That if you are someone's disciple (aka talmudin) that you have an intense passion to be just like the rabbi - to be what the rabbi is. You have to be consumed with a fire in your heart to walk as the rabbi walked. And as (at least a wannabe) disciple of Christ, my focus must be to become more like Jesus, my rabbi. I should be able to say, as the apostle Paul did, "follow Christ as I follow Christ," not in an arrogant way, but just because I am so consumed with the desire to follow Christ that I take it really seriously and work hard at it. I also didn't know that to hear the Great COmmission, the disciples had to walk 110 miles north from Jerusalem to Galilee...and then all the way back 110 miles to Jerusalem to witness Jesus' ascension into heaven. This belies a huge amount of dedication and commitment - and that's something I want to be a hallmark of my walk with Christ. I want to be fully dedicated to Him, to living in the way of Jesus. And so badly I want people who spend time around me to see that and have a desire to follow Jesus more closely (or at all) because of the fire they see in my heart. So good for Ray, I enjoyed what he said.

The sessions since then haven't been quite as inspiring or as interesting, so I'll spare you any notes from those. In about a half-hour we're going to start up with the breakout session, so I'll be sure to let you know how those go.

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