erwin mcmanus - one calling

I'm on a break right now - after Erwin McManus spoke. I'd prefer to have my notes from his message to share with you a couple phrases of his, but I was kicked out of the auditorium so people could rehearse, and all this while I was standing in the back with nary but my computer.

I enjoyed listening to Erwin, not quite so much as I did when I heard him last year, but he was inspiring nonetheless. A few things he said that I can remember...

"Our churches are filled with people who have no serious response to the person of Jesus Christ - and we don't know what to do with them, so we call them Christians. There are some with a serious response, and we call them missionaries, and send them off to other countries."

"I didn't know you could opt out of these callings."

"Our one calling is to become the unique person God has called us to be."

"To live is Christ, to die is gain. God is more concerned with giving us real life than he us with giving us long life."

"First generation Christians have a crazy look in their eyes - they do crazy things like read the Bible and believe it!"

"If you live a life of mediocrity, you will never be persecuted, challenged, made fun of, etc. If you choose to trust and pursue God with all you are, you will start to come up against all the momentum of human history."

Okay that's all I can remember right now - I suppose you can figure out the main thrust of what he said, or at least what parts of it stuck with me and spoke to me the most. More later!

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