harvey carey

I'm not sure if you've heard of Harvey Carey - I never had before this weekend - but he spoke at the morning session and I enjoyed him. He was more inspirational than meaty I'd say - but he talked a lot about what it would really mean for us to believe what the Bible said, and live that out. Nothing I hadn't heard before, but a good reminder.

He's a black pastor in Detroit - and he told some really funny stories about experiences he had. He told one about going into a church that had recently voted that black people were actually children of God and his experience with an old lady there. I briefly considered whether or not I would be able to share this story in one of my future pulpit ventures - but I pretty quickly decided the story wouldn't be funny coming from somebody as whitebread as me. It would actually be sorta weird and inappropriate. Oh well.

In other news, I'm very excited to eat a beef sandwich today. I haven't yet been able to partake of one since I showed up here, so I'm practically drooling right now as I think of Portillo's. Oh yeah, and I stopped by a Dunkin Donuts on the way here today, and they actually do have good coffee. I would probably go there for coffee if they had one in Fremont. Of course the place also has the intoxicatingly wonderful aroma of donuts...but I'd probably be able to make it out with just a coffee.

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