off to see the wizard

Today is the first day of the Leadership Summit. There are 50 people from Crossroads going. That's a lot. Perhaps our yells from the balcony will warrant more attention now, and our presence in the beachball throwing will be more fearsome.

I learned that Blogger has their own commenting system now. That makes things much much easier.

I am thinking that I might post my thoughts on each day of the summit and the speakers, what they had to say that stuck with me and all that. That may or may not happen, but it seems like a good idea so I'll try.


Jeannette said...

blogger has their own commenting system now?? dag, yo. i guess i gotta be tech savvy and figure that one out.

on another note, i might seeing you on sunday for your talk...a "dear diary" moment for you, i know. ;) I STILL HAVE YOUR CUP!!

Jackson said...

How long has this comment been here? I talked last Sunday, yo. I must get that cup. And we must, how you say, catch up.

Jeannette said...

yo, i posted that comment the same day you posted...but it didn't pop up till the other day. i'm sorry i didn't make it on sunday...i was sick. :(

but yes...catch up soon, eh?? EH??

Jackson said...

Yes! I've been thinkin' about that. Drop me an e-mail and we can hook up for some coffee, or Janelle and I can have you over for dinner or something grown-uppy.