modern technology

Today I had the first 3 cavities filled that I've ever had filled in my life. I entered the office with my heart beating a little faster than normal; I was hoping I wouldn't need a shot in the gums or anything like that. The dental assistant ushered me into the back room after I paid my copay, and I sat in the big chair staring at the wall as I waited. Directly in front of me was a poster with a huge picture of a tropical beach, and it said RELAX in really big letters. I did my best to take it to heart.

As it turns out my dentist is some sort of superhero, because he drilled around the cavities without me needing a shot. And we live in a wonderland of technology, because he put the filling in and then used this little zapping device that provided the energy necessary for the endothermic reaction that would harden the filling and allow me to leave there with a minimum of trauma to my mouth. So that was pretty cool.

Obviously I didn't post anything about the leadership summit - this past weekend was crazy busy. I am inspired, however, to step up my leadership and really put my nose to the grindstone and extend myself and try to build people up like I haven't before. We'll see how that goes.

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Anonymous said...

You've inspired me Jackson! maybe going to the dentist won't be so bad...:-D