this could be dangerous

It's truly a sad day when I'm afraid for Star Wars movies to come out. Hopefully Episode 3 will make up for the previous two movies...though I don't see much of a chance of that. At least the original trilogy will be released on DVD soon. Right around my birthday...

Paid another visit to the dentist yesterday...this one was slightly more painful than the last. Dr. Sutedja got me a little worried when he said "we'll do the less complicated one first." The complicated one required a few different tools to properly grind and drill...I didn't know there were so many different ways to destroy a tooth. Even though Herr Doktorr's tools hurt, I would've appreciated a needle to the gums left. And joking aside, Doctor Sutedja rocks, he's really a nice guy and if you live in the area and lack a dentist...you should check him out. He's really sensitive to the fact that he's holding sharp things in your mouth.

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