those were the days

Right now ESPN is playing an "NFL's Greatest Games" that's recounting the 1998 Wild Card game between the 49ers and Packers. That was an awesome game. Steve Young was still the QB, Garrison Hearst was in his prime, and TO didn't have an ego yet. Not to mention that the Niners were a) in the playoffs and b) winning games. Watching the replay is pretty sweet.

Um, yeah. So the A's get rid of Tejada, Foulke, Hernandez, and Long...and they retain Rincon? The same Rincon that almost lost Game 1 of the ALDS for us last season? The same Rincon that is good for about one homer per time he's up on the mound? Harumph. As Netters chants to herself, I must chant to myself..."Billy Beane has something up his sleeve..."

Other than those sporting woes life is good. Janelle is in town and we're getting to spend time together. Return of the King opens tonight. Christmas is around the corner. Ministries in full swing and I'm busy, but not overwhelmed. Yeah, things are pretty sweet. Everything's not perfect but things are definitely good.

Also - up to this point at most staff meetings (which I have on Tuesdays) I have been missing Janelle. I am either planning stuff and wishing she were at least in town and not down in Santa Barbara or if she was in town wishing she were right there with me. Well today staff meeting was good - and I was really encouraged by the fact that I would get to go home to Janelle after it. My heart and mind were totally engaged in the meeting and I was stoked that my fiancee was in town. Okay maybe that doesn't make sense to you. But it does to me.

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