not that any of you care

This BCS stuff is a little annoying. I don't particularly care about the way the National Champion for college football is determined, considering Cal won't be anywhere near a title game for the forseeable future. I do, however, like to complain about things and I do like to try to point things out that I think are a little silly. I think it's silly that there's no playoff in College Football. This whole idea of a BCS is kinda stupid if you ask me. A playoff would really help the situation, or at the very least eliminate a lot of the whining that goes on in the sports world. Of course some people would just moan about the way playoff participants are chosen, but I'm sure more people would be pleased with a playoff. Whatevs...I'm just happy Cal is in a bowl this season. Hooray for Tedford. I hope we get to keep him around for a while.

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