Joe Biden

image As someone who has not made up his mind but is pretty strongly leaning against voting for Obama, the addition of Joe Biden to his ticket helps him a bit in my eyes.  I watched some of the Democratic debates when Biden was still in the race and he impressed me in just about all of them.  He has a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth but that’s fine with me.  He sometimes says things that may be ill-advised, or sometimes overstates his case, and I pretty strongly disagree with him on a number of things – but I appreciate the way he’s willing to stand up and say things and not necessarily worry so much about what other people are going to think.  I’m pretty confident he will absolutely demolish whoever the Republicans throw up against him in the VP Debate.  So while I disagree with Biden on a lot of things I’m glad he’s in the race and I don’t think I’d terribly mind him being the VP.


Ricky said...

are you honestly considering voting for barack obama, knowing what he stands for and has voted to pass in congress? im not saying mccain is an angel, but come on jackson.

Jackson said...

I'm saying I haven't made up my mind yet but I am strongly leaning against voting for Obama. I disagree with him on lots of things but the most important issues to me this election are energy, the economy, and foreign policy. I want to hear more from these guys about it before I fully make up my mind. As someone who is not a fan of socialism I can't see myself voting for Obama but I am reserving judgment until I see, hear, and research more.

Ricky said...

i dont want to get into an argument for you, but my philosophy is that i want whoever is in office to represent christ the best. and the thing about obama, is that he belongs (or belonged if you believe him) to a church that has some pretty anti-chistian and biblical principals. not to mention obama himself believes in "more than one route to heaven" and things like that.

mccain, is no saint either. so im not sure im going to vote for him either. but to me, foreign policy, energy, and the economy are things that god is ultimately in control of anyway, so i don't pay too much attention to them. i want my president to live a life as similar to jesus' as possible, and stop using phrases like "i believe in god". god, when referred to like that, is so ambiguous and impersonal.

barack obama is a slick, smooth talking man that has not displayed the character and qualities of a man following jesus christ.

Jackson said...

I gave up on the President being a "good follower of Christ" a while ago. Though for what it's worth and from what I can tell, other than his vacuous statements regarding abortion, I think Obama takes his relationship with Jesus more seriously than McCain.

Of course it's very difficult to make such judgments about people you know personally, let alone those who are carefully crafted politicians.

If you want to vote for someone who you think best follows Jesus you may as well just write Jesus in because I don't think you're ever going to find someone who has a shot at the Presidency that will meet those criteria. If you do, they're lying, so don't vote for them.

Jesse and Melissa said...

I believe it is Martin Luther who is quoted: I'd rather be governed by a competent Turk than an incompetent Christian. I thought that was interesting.