Didn’t Get It

For those of you keeping track, I didn’t get the job I wanted at Washington.  The school wanted to hire me but the district office wants them to hire a credentialed teacher.  I knew my only hope was it being too late for them to get a credentialed teacher but apparently that’s not the case.  It looks like for the Fall I’ll be subbing and tutoring (I got a job with a tutoring company) while Janelle does her indentured servitude student teaching and then come February she’ll sub while I student teach.  With whatever income I’m able to cobble together, plus student loans, plus our savings, we should be able to eke by for the next year.  By this time next year we’ll both have full teaching credentials and will hopefully be able to land teaching jobs, at which time we’ll be able to begin the wonderful task of repaying our student loans.


Ricky said...

hey buddy my heart goes out to you. i know you know god has a plan. but it still stings. i'm really sorry buddy.

brian c. berry said...

I'm sorry about this bro. I was praying you'd get it. Maybe that says more about me than it does about you :). I'll be praying for God's best for you guys this year as you seek and trust. I'll also pray someone gives you $100,000 just for kicks. But my prayer track record ain't that great, so I wouldn't go buying a new g-ride on my prayer promise. Love your family.

Jackson said...

Thanks for the prayers and care and all that guys. I know it'll work out, it's just a matter of waiting it out. I'm sure this will only make me appreciate being a teacher more in the end blah blah blah