Police kill man seen beating child to death

Police kill man seen beating child to death - Crime & courts- msnbc.com

According to this news story people saw a man beating a toddler up on some country road in Turlock.  Apparently people "tried to intervene" but the man brushed off their efforts and "went back to it."  I'm not sure I understand what "try to intervene" means, and I understand the whole concept of diffused responsibility, but the fact that anybody could watch a man do this to a child is beyond my ability to understand.  Even the elderly couple could have made themselves enough of a nuisance to force the guy to stop.  Tragic.


Jesse and Melissa said...

When someone is going crazy it is very difficult to stop them. I have done scenarios of life and death situations and to stop a man fighting it usually takes 5 or 6 people to stop a man. When I was training I watched a documentary of a man that was shot in the head 10 times and he didn't stop violently fighting for about 30 mins. I not excusing the bystanders but it is really difficult to stop a person like that unless you can shoot them.

Jackson said...

Then grab the freaking baby and curl yourself in a fetal position to protect it. There are ways other than physically overpowering the man.

Marla Bean said...

Yeah, I know I think I would have to be dead before I would stop trying to protect the baby. I cannot even comprehend why someone would do this. I try and I try to get it, but I just doesn't add up. Why people attack innocent children/people/whoever is totally beyond me. What kind of cause could a person have to brutally attack a baby?