Being the old man that I now am with a job and a baby and all that, I hit the sack around 8:30ish tonight.  I woke up around 10:40 with a pretty severe toothache.  After sitting in bed for a while I got up and took some painkillers, something I've had to do a few times today.  I tried to lay back down but the pain was too severe...hopefully the meds will kick in soon and I'll be able to get back to sleep for school tomorrow.  It feels like I may have to get a root canal on this tooth that I had work done on last Wednesday.  That would make three...but a root canal would be a welcome sweet release from this pain.  Good Lord.  It's pretty lousy timing...my dentist is closed Mondays.

I highly recommend everybody go to the dentist every six months, brush and floss twice daily.  You'll save yourself a lot of pain and money.

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Ricky said...

5 years ago I had my molar abscess on me on a Friday a night. I had to wait until Monday morning to get a root canal. By the time Monday morning rolled around, I had about 4 hours of sleep for the entire weekend, and had cried more than I'd ever cried as an adult.

Tooth problems are no joke dude. No joke. Steve Irwin would still be here with us if not for a tooth problem.*

* The last sentence of this comment is false.