Proud of Poo

Parenthood makes you proud of weird things.

Today when Belle was in the bath she got a real concerned look on her face, looked up at me, and said "poo poo!" It took a moment for that to register and I figured I should get her out of the bath in case she was making an announcement about something she was going to do soon. I picked her up but wasn't sure what to do from there. She has a little trainer toilet in the bathroom that has gone unused up to this point and it was closed so I couldn't sit her on it. As that thought crossed my mind, Belle commenced the aerial bombing of her bathtub.

It's a big moment though. She's never told us before she went to the bathroom. I'm proud of her. Maybe potty training her will be easy, and that will help compensate for the fact that she never sleeps right.


brian c. berry said...

dude that's funny.

Jesse and Melissa said...

Does she still say "HI"?