Last day as a Crossroads Employee

Today marks the last day of my employment at Crossroads.  I think I've done a lot to make sure my various bases are covered as I leave.  For the last six years I've worked there I've had a constant cloud of unfinished tasks and open loops.  There's always more to be done.  So today when I loaded up the program I use to keep track of my tasks/projects/all that I realized it was weird to see I don't really have a whole lot of unfinished stuff.  It will be nice to have less responsibilities for a while, and to be able to pick and choose a little more of my ministry responsibilities since it won't be my job anymore.

Good news on the job front - I haven't landed an HR job yet but I do have a long-term sub job.  I'll be subbing at Washington for a teacher that had to retire mid-year starting Monday.  It's a pretty perfect setup because it's at the school I want to be at, I have 4 U.S. History classes and one social science elective class (not sure what it is, maybe Sociology), and 6th period prep which means I get to leave early.  Also since it's a long-term job I'll make a bit more money than I otherwise would.  It's pretty great that while I'm looking for another job I'll have this consistent income.  I will actually be teaching instead of just babysitting (the usual charge of subs) but I'm actually a little excited because it's stuff I'm interested in (my major was History with a focus on US History) with older students.

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brian c. berry said...


I'm praying for and with you in this transition. I'm excited that you'll be teaching students and not doing HR in an office somewhere. I think it has Kingdom potential for you. Rock that campus. I'll be praying for you and your family and the students you're ministering to.