Desmond Bishop

desmondbishop Desmond Bishop was one of my favorite Cal players the last few years.  He was a big-time leader on their defense, a linebacker that seemed to be involved in a lot of plays; this April he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers (who seem to have an attraction to Cal players)  I know he'll be missed by the Golden Bears this year.  I came across this picture, today.  Apparently last night he did this to Reggie Williams (Jags WR) on two separate occasions.  I hope Bishop plays in the NFL for a long time.


Jeannette said...

desmond bishop is THE man...and the packers are soooo lucky!! i can't wait for them to finally win a game or two this year. woohoo!! :)

Unknown said...

He is not "just as good" as the rest, but better. His time to shine is coming and he knows it. I'll always be a fan of SUPERMAN!