Janelle is smart

This past weekend while we were camping there was this sort of verbal riddle/puzzle thing going around the campfire.  Janelle only stayed for about five minutes before retiring to the tent with Belle to go to sleep.  I stayed for another hour and a half or so, and after hearing that none of those who actually knew the answer to the verbal code/riddle/puzzle were able to figure it out without being told the answer my pride demanded I not be told, and figure it out.  After some time and some hints I was able to figure it out without being told.  When I went back to our tent to brag to her how smart her husband is, she cut me off as I began to talk and proceeded to tell me the solution that she had figured out after only a few minutes and no hints.  My ego is still recovering.

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Marla Bean said...

Care to share the puzzle with blogdom?