Harold's Passing

This past Friday a friend of mine, Harold Rosas, very unexpecctedly passed away.  I'm not sure how long I've known him...I'd say at least six years.  One of my fondest memories with him was a trip down to L.A. with Harold, Glen, John Pack, Mikey G, Smooth Al Reyes, and Big Black.  We stayed at the "Holy Tabernacle Church of God" in Inglewood, the ghetto of the ghetto.  Harold was suitably freaked out by it.  But it was a fun trip - and we had a good time singing Tom Petty together in the car.

When someone passes away various trite things come to mind to say so I'll avoid them.  I'll just say that although I didn't see Harold all the time - the last time I saw him was a couple months ago when he was making Mexican hot chocolate at my house - I will miss him.  He was a great guy to have around and have in your life.  I will definitely say I learned a lot of things from him.  Not so much informational things but more things on living life and how to go about things.

What sticks out most to me is the fact that upon Harold's passing I know a lot of different people were affected.  Lots of different kinds of people, too.  Harold reached out to people that I would feel uncomfortable around and was bold and confident in ways I hope to be one day.  He had a pretty dark sense of humor in many ways but more than once I was surprised by his sensitivity and tender heart for other people, especially wounded people.  Anyway there's lots to say about him so I won't bother trying to capture it all.  I hesitated writing a post for a few days because I figured I should write something suitably poetic or whatever, but I don't suppose I could write something that would be adequate so I figured I'd write something rather than nothing.


Marla Bean said...

I think you said it well - from the heart.

Anonymous said...

i'm truly blessed that you had the opportunity to meet my brother. it is very true what you said about his ultra sensitive heart for sick and wounded. if they hurt he hurt. harold has a keen sense of who was hurting even if it wasn't physically. people who didn't know God were hurting without him and those people attracted his attention. i am so proud of what he did for so many people.
thank you for your kind words...
Harold's sister, Daisy

Jackson said...

Thanks for the kind words, Daisy. Your brother was a great guy and many of us will miss him.

The kid in black... said...

Hey, this is long overdue... but I just found this. I was the kid who got up to speak about Harold, the ex-satanist. And though I can't say my path has been easy since his introducing me or passing away to a much grander place... without his kind heart and willingness to serve God, I would not be the man I am now.

I'm proud to have known him, and what he taught me, showed me, and instilled me in as my mentor has really impacted me in all areas of my life.

I'm proud to say I knew him and loved him as a brother and father figure.

I hope your doing well.