Pinger is a website/service that I was recently made aware of.  Basically it's a service you sign up for that lets you send people voicemails.  You call the number they give you and say who you want to leave a message for.  Then you record a message and your recipient gets a text message letting them know they have a pinger message.  They are then able to call and check the message. 

I like this because sometimes there are times I want to call somebody to let them know something, but I don't really want to or have the time to have a conversation.  I haven't yet decided if this Pinger thing is a good idea.  It's more personal than a text message but possibly less convenient and definitely less personal than an actual phone call where I "risk" having to talk to the person.  So if you get some text saying you have a Pinger message, you know what it is.

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Frances said...

sometimes i just use the "send a message" option on verizon's voicemail. when i want to get a message to someone, but can't have the convo at that point. it works great (at least for other verizon customers). :-)