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The NFL Playoffs are in full swing, with the divisional round having just concluded with two great games today.  I didn't watch the Seattle-Chicago game but I kept track of it via radio and periodic TV viewing.  Partway through the game I decided I wanted Seattle to win so was disappointed when Chicago pulled it out (though I am happy for Nate, whose Chiefs got punked last week).

Yesterday I was partially rooting for Philadelphia because I've been a Garcia fan since he was a 49er.  I was happy to see New Orleans win, considering they are perennial losers.  No matter what NFC team heads to the Super Bowl I'll be happy - if the Bears, for Nate, and if the Saints, for the Saints.  AFC-wise I actually want to see Peyton Manning win a Superbowl.  I'd feel pretty sorry for him if New England marches into Indy next week and beats him again.  As overexposed as Manning is, he is disliked by many just because he is Peyton Manning.  I'm ready to see Tom Brady lose.

Next year will be great, with Alex Smith assuming his rightful place atop the NFL world.  He, Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis will lead the 49ers to glory once more.  At least I hope...the problem is next season will be full of pressure.

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Mikey G says...
I read an article that joked that the kicker of the Colts thought about missing the game winning field goal just to see the look on Peyton Manning's face... but he decided that it would be worth waiting till the superbowl.
I am a Peyton Manning hater. I like him in his commercials but on the football field I see fear in his eyes. I guess that is lame but he doesn't look like a winning quarterback. I guess it would be pretty cool for him to win the superbowl just so we could see him cry... like the baby he is.