unsportsmanlike conduct

I really enjoy playing flag football. I wouldn't say I'm particularly good. I'm not as big or strong as the really effective guys we have on the line, and I'm not fast enough (nor do I have good enough hands) to be a very good receiver. I've QB'd only a couple times and done okay but others are better at that as well. But I do enjoy playing for one reason or another.

I do not enjoy, however, how competitive the games often become. I find myself becoming pretty immature in-game, and my friends doing so as well. It's funny, we can be best of buds off the field but when we're playing we become competitive and are pretty short and sometimes quite rude to one another. When someone does well and they're not on my team I am mad about it instead of happy for them. I mean, in any other situation I'd be trying to encourage them or say "wow good job" but on the football field I'm thinking "they're not so great" or whatever. I think that's something I need to work on, because too often I find myself saying something and thinking "wow that wasn't how you want to be, Jackson." An area to grow in, I suppose.

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