All I can say is it's a good thing I have a beautiful wife and daughter because Sweet Freakin Moses the A's are doing everything they can to throw away the ALCS and make me want to sit in a corner and weep uncontrollably.

Yes maybe I care about sports a little too much.

But come on, seriously. Last night they set a record for GIDP in an ALCS game, and tonight the starting pitcher once again gives up 5+ followed by an anemic offensive night (Milton Bradley excepted). Then they go and get everyone's hopes up in the 9th before the Big Hurt pops out. They showed a stat during the game tonight - the road team has won the first two games of the ALCS eight times, and every single time that team advanced to the World Series. I hope the A's can make it one of nine times but something in me strongly doubts that.

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