I was out of commission for most of yesterday. As I mentioned before I was super sore, exhausted, and if I moved too fast I'd get light-headed. I felt miserable and so took it easy most of the day. I stayed home with Janelle and rested, drank my fluids, took my medicine, and watched the A's game before going to bed earlier than usual. So today I just have a bit of a cough, which aggravates a headache...but I feel much better.

I also feel great about the A's after the last two games. Yesterday they fell behind 4-0 pretty quickly, and the past couple years they would've packed it in and lost against a quality team like New York. Instead, though, they pulled it out and whomped the Yankess 9-4. One particular moment sticks out in my mind - the A's had bases loaded with one out. It seems like just about every time they're faced with that situation they find a way to screw it up. I was convinced they'd continue that trend, but apparently Frank Thomas is unfamiliar with that custom because he belted a bases-clearing double. I've gotta say I love the look of our team, and I have high hopes for this season. That may of course be my downfall come October...but the A's are going to be a lot of fun to watch this year. Yes yes, it's just one series, but I am so glad it's baseball season once again.

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