i had a dream fremont was nuked

You know how some people say that if you die in a dream, you die in real life? It's not true, in case you're wondering. This morning I woke up thinking I had died. I had a dream that for some strange reason I was back at Washington High School taking courses for a Master's Degree. I was in the office doing some paperwork after roller skating to school and making an inappropriate joke, waiting to get my schedule. So we're standing around talking and all of a sudden in the direction of southern Fremont there are two blinding flashes. First a semi-small one, then a massive one that momentarily blinds us all. After this everyone started screaming and we all hit the deck, as we could see and hear some sort of destruction coming our way. I honestly thought I was gonna die and it all seemed real - I just started praying and thinking of how I wouldn't get to see Janelle and the baby anymore, wondered if they were okay, and I prayed that they'd be fine. Imagine my relief when I woke up in my bed.

So if a nuke goes off in Fremont, you heard it here first.

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